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Q) What sets the United States Tourist Attractions website apart from the other travel-related sites?
A) The biggest distinction is our “Exclusive Directory ” search feature. We have made it possible with just 2 quick selections and Amusement_21 click to see very specific listings for those areas that YOU care about.

Q) Do you list every attraction in the United States under their particular category?
A) That is certainly our intention! We are fast becoming the most comprehensive tourist related guide in the industry. There are 2 reasons why a particular company/attraction is not in our extensive database; we either haven’t found┬áthem yet, or they have chosen not to do internet based advertising with us at this point.

Q) Who uses your site?
A) About half of our web traffic is from foreign visitors looking for places to see when they visit America. The other half of our traffic is from U.S. visitors looking for vacation ideas right here at home.

California_7Q) I have a business that I think tourist or travelers would like to see, how do I go about getting listed with you guys?
A) You contact the sales representative for your State/Region and they will explain the benefits and listing procedures to you. Here is a link to our advertising page.

Q) Does it cost anything for me to use your site or do I need to register first to use your “Tourist Attraction Guide”?
A) It’s absolutely FREE to the user. We are supported entirely by our sponsors that run the listings and ads throughout the site. Also, you don’t need to register with us to use our features either. At some point, we are going to be sending travel-related articles to users that will want them. At that time, you can register to receive them.