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Zoo Name # of Animals City/State Link to Website
San Diego Zoo 4473 in 897 species San Diego, CA San Diego Zoo
Brookfield Zoo 5274 in 462 species Brookfield, IL (Chicago) Brookfield Zoo
San Diego Wild Animal Park 3416 in 445 species Escondido, CA San Diego Wild Animal Park
SeaWorld San Antonio 5696 in 281 species San Antonio, TX SeaWorld San Antonio
Albuquerque Biological Park 1172 in 272 species Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Biological Park
Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium 3350 in 304 species Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 12,286 in 296 species Tampa, FL Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Steinhart Aquarium 6430 in 663 species San Francisco, CA Steinhart Aquarium
National Zoological Park 2700 in 435 species Washington, D.C. National Zoological Park
Bronx Zoo 4219 in 532 species Bronx, NY Bronx Zoo
SeaWorld San Diego 17,171 in 662 species San Diego, CA SeaWorld San Diego
Waikiki Aquarium 2293 in 425 species Honolulu, HI Waikiki Aquarium
Oklahoma City Zoological Park 2033 in 540 species Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City Zoological Park
Phoenix Zoo 1101 in 308 species Phoenix, AZ Phoenix Zoo
SeaWorld Orlando 8476 in 304 species Orlando, FL SeaWorld Orlando
New England Aquarium 9760 in 613 species Boston, MA New England Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium 19,643 in 1521 species Chicago, IL Shedd Aquarium
Saint Louis Zoological Park 4537 in 657 species St. Louis, MO Saint Louis Zoological Park
Kansas City Zoo 1096 in 247 species Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
New Jersey State Aquarium 4000 in 500 species Camden, NJ New Jersey State Aquarium
San Antonio Zoological Gardens & Aquarium 2812 in 709 species San Antonio, TX San Antonio Zoological Gardens & Aquarium
Monkey Jungle 10367 in 53 species Miami, FL Monkey Jungle
North Carolina Zoological Park 1149 in 212 species Asheboro, NC North Carolina Zoological Park
Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc. 3067 in 368 species Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc.
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens 1832 in 373 species Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
Lincoln Park Zoo 722 in 186 species Chicago, IL Lincoln Park Zoo
Houston Zoo 3283 in 681 species Houston, TX Houston Zoo
National Aquarium in Baltimore 7439 in 523 species Baltimore, MD National Aquarium in Baltimore
Fort Worth Zoo 4403 in 643 species Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth Zoo
Denver Zoological Gardens 1461 in 366 species Denver, CO Denver Zoological Gardens
Memphis Zoo 2500 in 450 species Memphis, TN Memphis Zoo
Dallas Zoo 8000 in 390 species Dallas, TX Dallas Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 2207 in 602 species Cleveland, OH Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden 2159 in 618 species Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden